“Our family moved to the Green Bay area in May of 2010.  We were referred to Verdette Insurance to get coverage on our new home.  After meeting with Lori and Randy and assessing our insurance needs we now have all of our insurance coverage through their agency.  I appreciate their agency’s professionalism and dedication to meeting our needs.  The savings we realized were significant and Verdette Insurance has been there to take care of any problems immediately.”


“Randy and Lori Verdette have been a tremendous agency for our family.  They have not only saved us hundreds of dollars on our home and auto insurance, but their service is second to none.”


“In May of 2010, my son-in-law had borrowed my vehicle and was involved in an accident.  I called Randy Verdette and he requested a copy of the police report.  The other driver was at fault however I didn’t have collision coverage on my Dodge Caravan, just liability.  This means that Verdette Insurance had do obligation to repair my vehicle or help negotiate with the other company.  Randy immediately supplied me with names and phone numbers for the other agent along with valuable advice on how to proceed.  Every thing was resolved to my complete satisfaction in a very timely manner.  I can’t imagine why anyone would limit themselves to one company when an independent agent has access to all the best insurance companies out there.  Randy did all the work of checking the companies and picking the one that would best suit my needs, and then was still there and ready to help when I needed him.”



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